About the Overall Programme

The Austrian Association of Cities and Towns (AACT) and KDZ (Public Administration Research Center) have started the implementation of the programme „Capacity building in the countries of the Western Balkans and the Republic of Moldova“, funded by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).

What is the purpose of the Programme?

The aim of the programme is to strengthen the governance structures of the target countries and to prepare them for possible accession to the European Union, with focus on local and regional governments. The Programme is based on two relevant regional strategies, EU Strategy for the Danube Region and SEE 2020 Strategy.  

Who will participate in the Programme?

While the main target group are local governments and their associations from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania and Moldova, other institutions and organisations active in the field of local governance will be invited to participate in some activities. Additionally, partners from Austria will be involved in knowledge sharing, as well as colleagues from other EU countries from the region such as Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania. Around 1500 persons shall be directly involved in the programme, while all citizens in the region will have benefit from it.

What are the components of the Programme?

1. BACID: Building administrative capacities in the Region through exchange of knowledge between Austrian and partners from the targeted countries, in terms of introduction and implementation of EU acquis relevant to local and regional governments.  

2. Governance Platform: Supporting the networking platform established through Priority Axis 10 - Institutional Capacity and Cooperation of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region and the Council of the Danube cities and regions.

3. LOGON Danube: Support implementation of the EU 2020 Strategy for South-East Europe through partnership with LGAs and NALAS, partner and actor in the implementation of the Strategy’s pillar Governance for Growth.

What will we do in the period of 3 years?

  1. 30 small projects in the target countries for strengthening of local and regional governance through exchange of knowledge between Austrian entities and partners in targeted countries in terms of expert support, workshops, seminars and training, as well as elaboration of reports, studies, etc. The priority is given to assistance to public administrations to support innovative practices, in the areas identified as priorities for local and urban development in the regional strategies.
  2. Interactive governance area on the Urban Platform Danube Region shall be established.
  3. Implementation of two governance forums in Vienna in the form of international workshops and roadmaps elaborated based on the results of forums.
  4. Implementation of two sustainable mentoring support measures including two governance programs in selected cities of the Danube area and 2 mentoring stays of municipal staff in Austria.
  5. 4 training workshops with Working Groups of LGAs/NALAS, the umbrella organization of the South East European associations of local authorities. The workshops and guidelines to be elaborated for selected topics will make contributions to the Key Actions of the pillar Governance for Growth of the SEE 2020 strategy.
  6. Organisation of an International Conference in Vienna at the end of the Programme with the title "Strong Local Governments in a strong Europe".

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