Education at a glance

This book provides a rich, comparable and up-to-date collection of indicators on the performance of education systems. While the focus is on the 30 OECD-countries, the indicators also include an increasing level of coverage of partner countries from throughout the world. These indicators reflect a consensus among professionals on how to measure the current state of education internationally. They provide information on the human and financial resources invested in education, on how education and learning systems operate, and on the returns to educational investments. Key findings are e.g. “more people are studying for longer, but tertiary graduation rates vary widely”, “student performance varies widely across and between countries in students’ wider capacity to solve problems”, “spending on education is rising, but not always as fast as GDP”. Some examples of indicators and the respective measure: “educational attainment of the adult population”, “current tertiary graduation rates” or “labour force participation by level of educational attainment”.

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Paris: OECD 2005, 435 S.