LOGON Final Guide 2005

These fundamental impacts of EU policies at regional and local levels call for a timely preparatory process on behalf of local authorities and regions. The LOGON reports prepared by the associations of local and regional authorities in the countries which joined the EU in 1995 share the opinion that providing local authorities and regions with the relevant information at an early stage, as well as their active participation in and contribution to the national decision-making process in all issues of relevance to this government level, are an essential precondition for a successful accession.

Furthermore it is important that local government representatives are included in the relevant process at national level and in European issues. This is the only way to ensure that they transmit the new "European" way of thinking to the citizens and raise the citizens' interest in the European integration process.

In view of the manifold impacts of EU accession at local levels and in recognition of the importance of the European unification process it has to be ensured that

  • the national governments of the accession countries provide a direct involvement of their local authorities in the integration process,
  • the European Union ensures to deal appropriately with the concerns of local authorities in the accession countries and

the local governments take over an active part in the preparation of the EU accession negotiations.

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