LOGON Report 2002 – Lobbying in Europe: A Challenge for Local and Regional Governments

The European Union as a supranational association of states has grown historically in the past 50 years. The concept underlying the foundation of the Unionwas to overcome the historic differences between Franceand Germanyand to secure lasting peace, safety and democracy in Europe. However, the local level, which surely is the level closest to the citizens, where citizens experience politics and administration in the most direct way, have only slowly entered the scene of European integration. The progressing integration process, driven particularly by the harmonisation of rules and regulations in the economic sphere, the creation of the single market and the introduction of the Euro as single currency, increasingly support the political integration of the Union. Thus, it is of growing importance for the local and regional level to make itself heard, to voice its concerns and interests in the Union, and to be directly involved in the decision-making processes.

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