LOGON Report 2008 – Impact of the European Union on Local Authorities: Guidelines for South East European Local Governments Associations

For the LOGON Report 2008 local government experts and representatives from European Union countries give an overview of the consequences of EU-membership and accession to the local governments and local governments associations in specific policy fields. The objective is to give support to the EU-accession process for the local level in South-Eastern Europe at an early stage.

Mr. Thomas Prorok from KDZCenterfor Public Administration Research summarizes the experiences of Austriaand other Central and Eastern European Countries with the EU accession and membership with specific examples in local finances, environment and services of general interest. Based on the LOGON experiences he elaborates guidelines for local governments associations on the way to the European Union consisting of the seven topics: development of a EU strategy; staff and organisational requirements; screening of the national law relevant for the local level; policy papers from the local governments associations; implementation of a European integration working group; information and communication; networking.

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