The black book of outsourcing


This Guide presents an overview of the costs and benefits of outsourcing, its uses and applications, and the processes used to manage it. Endorsed by the industry experts, it demonstrates how to update business strategies to take advantage of outsourcing opportunities, and provides a wealth of resources for those who want to build a successful career in the outsourcing industries. The Black book of Outsourcing covers every major topic and application of outsourcing, including “Outsourcing to meet new business challenges”, “Achieving outsourcing operational excellence”, “Building new revenue streams through outsourcing”, “Using outsourcing to reduce corporate risks” and “Developing value-creating outsourcing relationships”. The authors, who are the cofounders of the Outsourcing Management Institute in the USA, also show executives and staffers alike how to successfully assess and implement outsourcing, communicate internally and with partners, measure performance, and lead outsourcing transitions. Whether managers are concerned about the emotional and political side of outsourcing or the practical side of getting it done, this book offers comprehensive coverage, practical solutions, proven tactics and trustworthy advice.

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New Jersey: Wiley 2005; 366 S.
A 205 091