Knowledge management


Knowledge management was the business and technology term du jour of 1997. What is its current state? The introduction of this book takes a current perspective on knowledge management. Knowledge management brings to mind many things to many people. But in a business setting, a practical definition prevails. The basic definition of knowledge management is discussed, as well as those concepts critical to its effective deployment. The evolution of knowledge management is presented together with major milestones and thinkers along the way. Clearly, knowledge management is not about technology. But, technology has heightened the need for, and powers of, knowledge management. Practical technology approaches to knowledge management are described in chapter 4 and the examinations of basic knowledge management practices at the global level are introduced in chapter 5. Knowledge management is a subject ripe for debate and many of the current burning issues are examined in the next chapter. Guidance is given on the ten steps in the final chapter that help to guarantee the success of a knowledge management initiative.

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New York: Wiley 2006; 138 S.
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