The performance of democracies. Political institutions and public policies

Is the performance of western democracies in decline? Which countries show the best performance? What type of democracy works best? Globalization theories assume that beginning with the Oil Crisis (1973) and going on with the breakdown of the socialist systems in CEE (in 1990) a fundamental change in the effectiveness of western democracies can be marked. Since that time a decline of effectiveness of western political systems is supposed. This book, out of the series „Comparative Politics“, written for students and teachers of political science, tries to get to the bottom of this and other unanswered questions of the global issue political effectiveness. On the one hand significant implications are done by the author and on the other hand a comprehensive analysis of twenty-one OECD countries, which systematically examine all major domestic policy areas, was accomplished. Beyond the refurbishment of some theories of conditions and the development of modern democracies, in the wider sense the book also deals with the question of the effectiveness of institutional reforms of liberal democracies.

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Oxford u.a.: Oxford Univ. Press 2005; 331 S.
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