CAF-Facilitator - Shaping Quality & Change in Public Administrations with Common Assessment Framework

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Course Date
Wednesday, 13. December 2023 - 13:00 - Friday, 15. December 2023 - 14:00
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Target group

Change managers, Quality Management experts, organizational developers, trainers and executives of public administrations who want to implement effective and sustainable change processes for better governance of and in public administrations with the Common Assessment Framework.


CAF stands for Common Assessment Framework and is the European Quality Management System for the public sector. CAF supports effective change processes and provides concrete answers to current challenges public organizations are facing. With the new CAF 2020, there is a recognized European standard for excellent management practices, which can be used for the further development of public sector organizations. CAF has been tailored to the specific requirements of the public sector and can be used in public administrations at all administrative levels, public companies and non-profit organizations.

The objective of the CAF implementation is to carry out an overall evaluation of the organizational structures, the processes and key- results in order to improve the efficiency and quality of public services and to transform to the status of outstanding best practice functionality.

After completing the 3-day training program, participants can:

  • directly apply the principles of quality management and excellence in their own organization;
  • design and implement change programs and improvement projects with the Common Assessment Framework (CAF);
  • transfer the contents of CAF 2020 into organizational practice and develop a practical and tailor-made framework for the CAF assessment;
  • build up a sustainable Quality Management structure in their own organization with the CAF and with this setting the ground for continuous improvements and excellent public services;
  • provide professional and solution-oriented support during the implementation of the CAF.

After completing the training program, the participants receive the Certificate "CAF Facilitator – Shaping Quality & Change for Better Governance in Public Administrations with the Common Assessment Framework".

Main topics

Applying the CAF 2020 Quality Management System
13rd of December 2023, 13:00-17:00

  • Basic principles of TQM and the "Excellence Culture"
  • CAF 2020 – The standard for good management of public administrations
  • The CAF process at a glance
  • Correct evaluation with CAF - Correct application of PDCA-Cycle
  • The CAF Excellence Label – Requirements and proper preparation

Evening session, get-together and networking: “Quality walk” through one of the most famous Vienna Christmas Markets

Implementing CAF processes
14th of December 2023, 09:00-17:00

  • Anchoring CAF processes in the organization – CAF training, CAF Consensus Workshop, CAF Action Plan Workshop
  • Customization of the CAF questionnaire – Adapt CAF to the specific requirements of your own organization
  • Stakeholder analysis – identify target groups and manage requirements
  • The CAF Excellence Criteria – The "navigation system" for assessing organizational excellence
  • CAF Controlling and Quality Assurance – Instruments and practical examples
  • Change Management with CAF – Driving the organization through change and initiating of reflection processes

CAF Facilitation "Tool-Box"
15th of December 2023, 09:00-14:00

  • Setting up CAF program structures
  • CAF Simulation – Getting to know the dynamics of CAF processes
  • Properly moderate CAF workshops – tips & tricks for successful CAF facilitation
  • Digital tools for CAF implementation
  • CAF-Online – Tool for carrying out CAF self-assessment /
  • Development of a CAF implementation roadmap for your own organization


Philip Parzer, Head of CAF Centre @KDZ
Fields of expertise: Strategy and mission development, Quality Management - Common Assessment Framework (CAF), Organizational development and change projects, Intermunicipal cooperation and merger projects, Management training and coaching.

Thomas Prorok, Managing Director @KDZ
Fields of expertise: Common Assessment Framework (CAF), Quality Management, Effective Governance and Organizational Development, Public administration reform and decentralization, European integration, local and regional governments and associations, Open government (Data) and citizen participation

Matija Vilfan, Senior Planning Officer – Corporate Governance @eu-LISA
Fields of expertise: Governance and Organizational Development, Quality Management, Management and Control systems design and development, Service delivery (digitalization, innovation and quality management), International cooperation and project management, European Union integration, Public procurement, financial management and audit.

Verena Weixlbraun, CAF Expert @KDZ
Fields of expertise: Quality Management - Common Assessment Framework (CAF), Organizational development and change projects, Business management analyses, European Governance


Presentation, discussion, work on questions of the participants.


13rd-15th of December 2023

Place – Meeting room & Hotel

Hotel roomz Vienna Prater, Rothschildplatz 2, 1020 Vienna, Tel.: +43 1 3615540, E-Mail: , Website:

Room rate

€ 139,00 Room price per night, double room for single use, including breakfast and taxes.

The room can be booked in the course of the training registration. The payment is made by the participant on site.

Price of the Training per participant

€ 1.200,- excluding 20% VAT.

The amount includes electronic seminar documents (pdf documents can be accessed online), welcome coffee, refreshments during breaks and drinks in the seminar room, as well as a 3-course lunch menu. Other drinks, any accommodation costs and parking fees are not included in the seminar price. Cancellation: Cancellations can only be accepted in the event of a written cancellation. Up to 4 weeks before the start of the seminar there is no cancellation fee, from 4 weeks before the start of the seminar it is 30%, from 2 weeks before the start of the seminar it is 50%, in the event of non-participation the full amount will be charged. If a replacement person is reported, the cancellation fee does not apply.

Registration Deadline

15th of November 2023

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Electronic seminar documents (pdf documents available online)

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Kelmend Zajazi
Kelmend Zajazi | Executive Director of NALAS
The long-term cooperation with KDZ means a lot to us at NALAS. In KDZ we found a peer that fully understands who we are.
Isabelle Verschuren | Federal Public Service Policy and Support (BOSA), CAF correspondent of Belgium
In the last years Belgium has planned and organised many different CAF activities (e.g. CAF training, Certification of CAF label) together with KDZ.
Josep Medrano | Director of Strategic Planning and Taxation, City of Barcelona
For the City of Barcelona, the collaboration with KDZ through the European "Cities for Sustainable Public Finances (CSPF)" has reached a qualitative advance.


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