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Documentation: Digital Conference "CAF2020 - Towards Public Administration Reform and European Integration"  February 17th, 2021

The CAF – the European Common Assessment for better Public Administration – celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2020. The beginning of the CAF dates back to 1998 when the ministers of the European Public Administration Network (EUPAN) commissioned designing general principles concerning improving the quality of services provided to citizens, with the first version of the CAF being published in 2000. With the CAF2020, we now have the fifth version of the CAF, which is designed as the European guideline for good governance and excellence in public sector organisations.  

With the Digital CAF Forum we brought CAF experts, academia and all persons interested in the field of quality and change management in public sector together to celebrate the 20th birthday of CAF, to give a forum to the great impact of CAF on public administration reform and discuss perspectives how to further develop the CAF approach. 

This digital CAF-Forum presented the new book “Transforming Public Administration with CAF” and is also a milestone of the BACID II CAF-program with the Western Balkan countries which is co-funded by the Austrian Development Cooperation 

The digital CAF-Forum was designed to be an open event for all CAF Users and interested persons dealing with following topics: 

  • Introduction of the new CAF2020
  • Presentation of the new CAF Book:  Transforming Public Administration with CAF
  • The Future of CAF 

See full agenda here.


587 participants - 50 countries - 30 speakers - 17 sessions - 12 booths

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Below you find selected content of the conference: key notes, videos and presentations.

Key notes (Sessions)
  • CAF 2020 – The six key areas for transforming public administration by Thomas Prorok, KDZ
    presentation | video
  • CAF2020+ The Future of CAF for the Future of Public Governance  by Geert Bouckaert, Public Governance Institute, KU Leuven, Belgium
    presentation | video
  • Eleven Ideas for the future of CAF by Thomas Prorok, KDZ
    presentation | video
Presentations (Sessions)
Impact of CAF
Sectoral approaches
Methods of CAF 
EU & Western Balkan
  • File 1 | File 2 | File 3 - Experiences of ReSPA as Regional Quality Centre - by Olivera Damjanovic, Goran Pastrovic (Regional School of Public Administration), Ljiljana Uzelac (Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self Government, Serbia)
  • File 1 | File 2 | File 3 - Lessons learned from CAF implementation in Bosnia Hercegovina - by Samra Ljuca (Civil Service Agency, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina), Dalibor Copic (Civil Service Agency, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina), Aleksandra Zec (Institute of Statistics, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • European CAF Structures - by Fabrizio Rossi (EIPA), Philip Parzer (KDZ)
Links to Slides & Videos (Expo/booths)
  • CAF Book - slide | book | order
  • CAF-Centre of KDZ - slides | video
  • Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA) - video
  • European Institute of Public Administration, EIPA - video
  • Bulgarian Institute of Public Administration / National Resource Center - slides
  • HAUS Finnish Insititute of Public Management - slides
  • Prime Minister Office, Department of Public Administration - Italy - slides
  • Civil Service Department in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister / National Institute for Local Government - slides
  • Eurac Research - Institute for Public Management - video
  • UNED TUDELA (Spanish National University of Distance Education, associated center of Tudela) - video
  • Krakow City Office - video
  • CAF in the City of Vienna - slides
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Peter Biwald
Mag. Peter Biwald - Managing director
Knowledge is the basis of our success.
Thomas Prorok
Thomas Prorok - Deputy Managing Director
In the book "Transforming Public Administration with CAF" we bring together more than 30 international authors who describe their experience with CAF.
Bgm. Michael Ludwig - Stadt Wien
Mayor Michael Ludwig - at the conference "Towards European Integration with SDGs"
The Sustainable Development Goals are the way to go. And this way leads to European integration.


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