Strategic change management in the public sector. An EFMD European case book

Strategic change management in the public sector

The book presents eleven different international cases of strategic change management processes in public organizations from eleven different European countries. From all these real cases we can learn what to do and which mistakes to avoid in managing strategic changes. Every case faces a different area of innovation: from new organizational structuring to different performance evaluation systems, from improved customer relation approaches to innovative public-private partnerships. Every managerial innovation is presented in its design and implementation phases, both evaluating final impacts and ascertaining the explanatory drivers conducive to better performances. Different public sector organizations are considered: local governments, public utilities, health care agencies and mass transports. The book is aimed at readers who want to better understand strategic change management approaches in public administrations, for those who are interested to learn from evidences, for trainers and professors looking for European cases for class discussions, for policy makers searching for new ideas and change approaches.

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Chichester: Wiley 2007; 327 S.
A 710 181