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    Kelmend Zajazi
    Kelmend Zajazi | Executive Director of NALAS
    The long-term cooperation with KDZ means a lot to us at NALAS. In KDZ we found a peer that fully understands who we are.
    Isabelle Verschuren | Federal Public Service Policy and Support (BOSA), CAF correspondent of Belgium
    In the last years Belgium has planned and organised many different CAF activities (e.g. CAF training, Certification of CAF label) together with KDZ.
    Josep Medrano | Director of Strategic Planning and Taxation, City of Barcelona
    For the City of Barcelona, the collaboration with KDZ through the European "Cities for Sustainable Public Finances (CSPF)" has reached a qualitative advance.


    Public Management & Consulting Icon

    Public Management Consulting

    Our focus

    • Financial Management and VRV 2015
    • Organisational and Administrative Development
    • Control and Management Systems
    • Citizens and Customer Service
    • Strategy and Innovation Development
    Europäische Governance und Städtepolitik Icon

    European Governance and Urban Policy

    Our focus

    • International Know How Exchange and Capacity Building
    • Urban Policy in Europe
    • CAF-Centre and Reform of Public Administration
    • Open Data
    • Knowledge Management and Networking