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The KDZ - Centre for Public Administration Research is a competence centre and knowledge platform for public management Consulting, European Governance & Urban policy, public finance and federalism and training.

We want a sustainable modernization of the public sector and, as a non-profit organisation, we offer research, advice and training for public administration.

KDZ - Center for Administrative Research



Regulatory Control Council recommends CAF!

The German National Regulatory Control Council - the advisory body of the German federal government, which also deals with questions of public administration reform - recommends audits with the CAF (Common Assessment Framework) in order to make the state and administration fit for future after Covid19.


Thu, 16. September 2021 - 10:00 - 16:00
Online seminar

A Framework for Quality and Riskmanagement for Public Sector Organizations

Quality-Management as well as the management of public sector risk shows us to have common goals. Also, these management practices partly focus on similar levels within an organization, e.g., on the level of processes. Both management systems are nowadays more important than ever - when Covid taught the world, that risk must be managed proactively and quality must be ensured, especially in these demanding times. That implies, that quality majorly interconnects with questions of (organizational) risk and vice versa.
Thu, 21. October 2021 - 10:00 - 16:00
Online seminar

The New CAF 2020 – Excellence through Self-Assessment in Public Administration

The CAF (Common Assessment Framework) is the quality management system for public administrations. In this webinar, we want to provide participants with practical and hands-on approaches to quality management with the new CAF 2020. CAF offers fast access to organizational assessment of public administrations and enables leadership to gain deep insights into status and improvement areas of their own organization. The participants will learn how to use the methodology and analysis levels of CAF and apply to their own organization. Based on this approach change initiatives can be implemented quickly and result-oriented with CAF. Main topics

Publications & Studies


Decentralisation and Local Public Administration Reform in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

Decentralisation Header
The Publication "Decentralisation and Local Public Administration Reform in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine: Learning from the past – preparing for the future" and Status Reports on the Progress of Decentralisation Reform in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine aim to consolidate lessons learned over three decades of reform and help the local government associations prepare for the reform next steps in their countries.
Peter Biwald
Mag. Peter Biwald - Managing director
Knowledge is the basis of our success.
Thomas Prorok
Thomas Prorok - Deputy Managing Director
In the book "Transforming Public Administration with CAF" we bring together more than 30 international authors who describe their experience with CAF.
Bgm. Michael Ludwig - Stadt Wien
Mayor Michael Ludwig - at the conference "Towards European Integration with SDGs"
The Sustainable Development Goals are the way to go. And this way leads to European integration.


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Public Management Consulting

Our focus

  • Financial Management and VRV 2015
  • Organisational and Administrative Development
  • Control and Management Systems
  • Citizens and Customer Service
  • Strategy and Innovation Development
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European Governance and Urban Policy

Our focus

  • International Know How Exchange and Capacity Building
  • Urban Policy in Europe
  • CAF-Centre and Reform of Public Administration
  • Open Data
  • Knowledge Management and Networking