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Tuesday, 23. March 2021 - 10:00 - 12:00
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Online via Zoom
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The Covid19 crisis has revealed a lack of risk- and quality management in many public sector organizations in Europe. PRIMO and KDZ therefore joined forces to offer a comprehensive training and guideline for boosting public administration towards a sustainability and resilience especially in future crisis. The cooperation of PRIMO as leading European expert network for public risk management and KDZ as leading European expert centre for quality management and CAF (Common Assessment Framework) enable out of the box approaches to further development of public sector organizations. It ensures added value and high benefits for the participants.

In this free-access introduction, we aim to answer the following key question: What can I do to bring in key methodologies and instruments from the quality and risk frameworks to find my way out of the crisis and to be able to look towards the future.



MARCH 23rd, 2021, 10:00-12:00



10.00: Welcome to participants; introduction to the Webinar by representatives of KDZ/PRIMO. Bringing issues and challenges at the table. First Dialogue.


10.10: A short introduction to Quality and Risk Management in challenging times, asking:


  • Why did organizations with an established Quality and Risk-Management perform better during the crisis?
  • Why are they better prepared for recovery?


10.30: Q/A session


10.40: Coffee break

10.45: 2 top methodologies/tools from the frameworks to be used in the present crisis to act on business continuity


  1. CAF-Online – Input and live-demonstration of the tool
  2. Experiences with our tailor-made public-sector approach to Risk-Analysis


Interactive session between experts and participants. Where do lie the first practical connections to make quality and risk frameworks actually work in the daily practice of a crisis.


11.45: Conclusions and Summary (“Hot topics” in preparation for course)


12.00: End of webinar.



Mag. Ir. Jack P. Kruf

Hon. Founding President PRIMO Europe, Chairman Civitas Naturalis Foundation, former city manager, CEO, principal strategic advisor of municipalities, regions and provinces. Areas of work: city management, organisational development, design thinking, public risk management, regional development and inter organisational cooperation, forest ecology, social psychology, public strategy and governance.

More information about PRIMO:

Mag. Mr. Harrie Scholtens

Public Governance Expert at PRIMO Europe, former city manager and CEO, External Expert European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) Maastricht, former city manager  and CEO,  program leader of the European Public Sector Award, PRIMO Public Risk Management Award winner 2018. Areas of work: city management, quality and risk management, legal management and jurisdiction.


More information about PRIMO:

Mag. Thomas Prorok

Deputy Managing Director KDZ Centre for Public Administration Research

Areas of work: Quality Management - Common Assessment Framework (CAF), Good Governance in Public Sector Organizations, Impact-Oriented Governance, Current Issues of Public Sector Reform.

Mag. Wolfgang Oberascher

Senior Consultant, Expert on Public Risk-Management

Areas of work: Management Systems for Public Sector organizations with focus on risk- and financial management, Organisational Design, reorganization and change management in public sector organizations.


Online Training with Zoom, Presentation, discussion, pre-planned group-works, ad-hoc work on questions of the participants.


March  23rd, 2021, 10:00-12:00, Online - in the virtual seminar room.

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  • a good internet connection
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We are also happy to support you about technical preparation and offer you a technical pre-check in advance.


Free of charge.

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March 16th, 2021

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Peter Biwald
Mag. Peter Biwald - Managing director
Knowledge is the basis of our success.
Thomas Prorok
Thomas Prorok - Deputy Managing Director
In the book "Transforming Public Administration with CAF" we bring together more than 30 international authors who describe their experience with CAF.
Bgm. Michael Ludwig - Stadt Wien
Mayor Michael Ludwig - at the conference "Towards European Integration with SDGs"
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