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Bologna Business School (BBS)
17 December 2021

Covid-19 has brought about significant changes in the financial management of local institutions. Financial autonomy has been put to the test and we are increasingly aware of the urgency to improve and stabilize local finances. Current funding schemes of the EU include a significant share of financial flows destinated to infrastructure projects and development of services that see local authorities as protagonists. In this context, local authorities are called to balance financial sustainability with environmental objectives, social well-being and other priorities of sustainable development of the UN 2030 Agenda.

It is a great pleasure and with a prominent line-up of high-level speakers from our city members to contribute with the CSPF group to the international Work-shop organized by the Bologna Business School (BBS) – University of Bologna under the coordination of Professor Emanuele Padovani and Alexander Heichlinger. See the programme (in IT) here.

CSPF meeting to the ongoing consequences of Covid19
09 December 2021

On the 2nd and 3rd of this month, the European CSPF was proud to hold its third meeting virtually in Vienna. We are faced with the ongoing consequences of Covid19 quarantines having impacted regional and local governments unevenly, as highlighted by the Committee of Regions' Barometer 2021, which was presented to the group on the morning of the first day, setting us off.

The conversation ranged from the decline of local government investment in recent years and how best to secure revenue, drawing on presentations of innovative practices from Barcelona and Bourdeaux, to how best to balance financial needs with their Sustainable Development Goals, in which context we were lucky to count on the input of the city of Mannheim.

The overriding importance of innovation was highlighted by the city of Vienna's experience with its own Innovation Lab. Innovation, however, also involves how CFOs work and what tools they have access to, as highlighted by Amsterdam and the City of London. These tools must include effective visualization and communication, highlighting what works, what doesn't, and mobilizing support.

Major takeaways included the need to combine local with global understandings, especially as concerns SDGs, such that not all elements of Agenda 2030 can be competently addressed by local governments, who must prioritize appropriately. Efficient financial management must be combined with spending resources where they are likeliest to yield real effects. This might also contribute to producing a European city-adapted version of the UN SDG wheel and providing a strong case to defend city autonomy over local revenue as conducive to delivering clear results.

The sincerest thanks to our members who have agreed to a new roadmap presented and discussed for 2022-2023.

The CSPF is featured in a recent publication on "Local Public Finance" by Springer
10 September 2021

It presents a wide range of authors under the leadership of René Geissler, Gerhard Hammerschmid and Christian Raffer, providing analysis of local fiscal regulation across 21 European countries. The various book chapters provide a broad picture of local public finance regulation in theory and in practice, using different theoretical and national lenses for the analysis and addressed from an international comparative perspective. It is targeted both at practitioners in cities/municipalities as well as scholars.

Three members of the CSPF, Alexander Heichlinger, Emanuele Padovani and Julia Bosse, have contributed with a chapter on “Insights from City Financial Realities: Comparing and Learning across the Borders” based on the work carried out within the group.

Find the book here.

Municipal derivatives of the European Green Deal
13 July 2021

Alexander Heichlinger, Co-Founder and Chair of CSPF delivered a talk at the Ernest Lluch Foundation on the 13th of July, sponsored by the Diputacion of Barcelona. He spoke on the place of local government in transitioning towards environmental sustainability, also introducing the work of the CSPF.

Listen here, what he had to say (Starts at min. 31)

The Cities - Our Future?
02 June 2021

In a recent virtual learning journey of the University of Applied Sciences of the City of Linz (FHH Oberösterreich) within their Master of Public Management programme to Barcelona, Alexander Heichlinger presented in his speech on The Cities - Our Future? the CSPF group as an exemplary model of cities networking and exchanging good practices with the aim to contribute to capacity building in public finances at local level. - The students, young public and private talents from across Austria, had an interesting discussion on how the CSPF addresses initiatives related to economic development and promotion, smart city deployment among others.

Local Public Finance – An International Comparative Regulatory Perspective now available
22 May 2021

We are proud to announce that the e-book version of Local Public Finance – An International Comparative Regulatory Perspective is finally available, courtesy of Springer Nature Group publishing.

With contributions from the CSPF’s own Emanuele Padovani and Alex Heichlinger, alongside many other experts in the field, this volume delves into one of the most challenging areas facing European public administrations today – balancing budgets, delivering on citizen demands, and adapting regulations to present needs, all with a view to crisis prevention and dealing with the constraints on local government.

The research project behind this undertaking was initiated by the Hertie School of Governance and the Bertelsmann Foundation, owing itself to the collective efforts of researchers from all over the EU.

Available here.

CSPF Co-Chair Domroes Torsten at the European Commission’s ESPAS Task Force Working Group
29 April 2021

We are proud to inform you that CSPF co-chair Domroes Torsten from Hamburg has been invited to report on the group’s activity before representatives from all EU Member States at the European Commission’s EPSAS Task Force Working Group, which took place on the 28th and 29th of April, hosted by Eurostat and the German government. This event usually also includes stakeholders such as the World Bank, IPSAS Europe Accountancy and/or the OECD.

The CSPF featured at the opening of the University of Barcelona Advanced Public Management Master programme
13 April 2021

Earlier this month, our very own Alex Heichlinger spoke at the inauguration of the University of Barcelona’s Master programme in Advanced Public Management. This covered a variety of pressing topics, including post-Covid19 recovery, the role of municipalities in managing similar crises in the future, and the need to draw on existing best practice cases. In this context, Alex introduced the CSPF.

Presentation of the European CSPF Group to KDZ’s Scientific Advisory Group
23 November 2020

Robert Blöschl, Local Financial Management Expert at KDZ, presented the mission, objectives and approach of CSPF and its Financial Health Template with its 10 KPIs to KDZ’s Advisory Group.

CSPF’s financial health teamplate and KPIs presented at the smart, interactive talk of the PULSAR programme
11 November 2020

Alexander Heichlinger, Co-founder and Chair of CSPF, and Emanuele Padovani, External Key Expert and Associate Professor of Public Management and Accounting at the University of Bologna, presented the European CSPF Group at a webinar on “Interpretation of financial information and the use of performance indicators in the public sector” given by the Public Sector Accounting and Reporting (PULSAR) program organised by Worldbank.  (For more information, please see the announcement of the event.)

Closing address/lecture in the Master of Public Management and Innovation (PMI) of the Bologna Business School
18 July 2020

Alexander Heichlinger, Co-founder and Chair of CSPF, presented the CSPF network during a lecture of the Master of Public Management and Innovation (PMI), which targets leaders of the regional and local administrations of the Italian Region Emilia Romagna.


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Milluks Kerstin
Kerstin Milluks | Bundesministerium für Inneres (Deutschland)
Die CAF-Webinare und die Kooperation mit dem KDZ haben uns dabei sehr unterstützt, das Qualitätsnetzwerk der öffentlichen Verwaltung in Deutschland zu stärken.
Petra Holl
Amtsleiterin Petra Holl | Oberalm
Die Teilnahme an Seminaren des KDZ bedeutet für meine Mitarbeiter*innen und mich, gut vorbereitet auf die Herausforderungen der täglichen Arbeit zu sein.
Mag. Thomas Wolfsberger
Mag. Thomas Wolfsberger | Finanzdirektor der Stadt St. Pölten
Das KDZ und die Stadt St. Pölten arbeiten seit vielen Jahren bei Projekten erfolgreich zusammen. Wir setzen bei vielen Fachfragen auf die Expertise des KDZ.


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