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Thomas Prorok is new member of advisory board of CEPAR

CEPAR is the Central European Public Administration Review by University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Public Administration. Its mission is to contribute to the theoretical and practical progress of public administration in central European and other countries, adopting European principles. Public administration is respectively understood as one of the vital social subsystems that directly affect the development of the whole societies and needs to be addressed in a scientifically sound and multidisciplinary way. In this respect, particularly contemporary issues are addressed, such as globalisation, crises, post-socialist transitions, digitalisation, delegation of powers, migrations, strive for rule of law, transparency and participation in public issues, efficiency and accountability issues and other similar challenges and reforms.

In addition, the editors and boards aim is to strengthen the awareness regarding common European principles of good administration and public governance in order to identify and exchange best practices on the field. However, specific administrative cultural traditions need to be respected when reforming administrative policies. Particularly, the focus is on central Europe, even though its limits are broadly defined to incorporate Eastern Europe, Balkans, and Western democratic legacies and practices. We also welcome papers from other regions of Europe and beyond to enable comparative insights in joint research topics. 

We are very pleased that Thomas Prorok has been appointed to the advisory board of the journal.

Read more about the open access journal on the website.

Peter Biwald
Mag. Peter Biwald - Geschäftsführer
Wissen ist die Grundlage unseres Erfolges.
Thomas Prorok
Mag. Thomas Prorok - Stv. Geschäftsführer
Im Buch "Transforming Public Administration with CAF" bringen wir mehr als 30 internationale AutorInnen zusammen, welche ihre Erfahrung mit dem CAF beschreiben.
Bgm. Michael Ludwig - Stadt Wien
Bgm. Michael Ludwig - bei der Konferenz "Towards European Integration with SDGs"
Die Sustainable Development Goals sind der richtige Weg. Und der richtige Weg führt zur Europäischen Integration.


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