CAF Gütesiegelverleihung Landesrechungshof Kärnten
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Awarding the Regional Court of Auditors of Carinthia

CAF-Gütesiegelverleihung Landesrechnungshof Kärnten
CAF-Gütesiegelverleihung Landesrechnungshof Kärnten

On September 29th, the Regional Court of Auditors of Carinthia was awarded the CAF seal of approval by Vice-Chancellor Werner Kogler in the presence of Governor Peter Kaiser, President of the State Parliament Reinhart Rohr and KDZ Managing Director Thomas Prorok. CAF (Common Assessment Framework) is the European framework for good governance and excellence in innovative public sector organisations. The CAF seal of approval is a certification recognised at European and international level and confirms the respective awarded organisation's high quality and service orientation as well as efficient administration.

Vice-Chancellor Werner Kogler congratulated Regional Court of Auditors of Carinthia Director Günter Bauer for the award: "A CAF seal of approval is not just any seal of approval. The preceding process presupposes a living appreciation of innovative, efficient and sustainable administrative management. The CAF process creates the framework conditions for a productive, resilient public service and strengthens the learning and communication culture of the respective organisations. It also creates transparency. Transparency in turn creates trust. And that is the base for participative leadership and thus staff engagement. I am therefore particularly pleased to be able to present the CAF seal of approval to the Regional Court of Auditors of Carinthia today."

In 2021, the Regional Court of Auditors of Carinthia conducted the CAF quality assessment for the first time in cooperation with the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences. This was followed in 2022 by an external review by two experts seconded from the Austrian CAF Centre at the KDZ. An important milestone in the CAF process was the definition of measures through which the Regional Court of Auditors of Carinthia can build on its strengths in the future. In total, the Regional Court of Auditors of Carinthia has identified 42 improvement measures in the CAF process, many of which have already been implemented.

Regional Court of Auditors of Carinthia Director Günter Bauer was pleased with the award: "CAF has contributed significantly to the further improvement of the State Audit Office. I am particularly proud of my staff, who together have gone through the CAF process and ensured that we are able to receive this award. All our activities in the Regional Court of Auditors of Carinthia are aimed at ensuring that we provide the best possible support to politicians and administrators for the optimal use of state funds."

Thomas Prorok, Managing Director of the KDZ - Centre for Public Administration Research, where the Austrian CAF Centre is located, also congratulated the team of the Regional Court of Auditors of Carinthia personally on site: "I congratulate Director Günter Bauer and the entire team of the Regional Court of Auditors of Carinthia on the high quality and customer orientation. Particularly impressive is the Regional Court of Auditors commitment to making the reports easy to understand for the citizens and to paying special attention to the implementability of its recommendations".

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Kelmend Zajazi
Kelmend Zajazi | Executive Director of NALAS
The long-term cooperation with KDZ means a lot to us at NALAS. In KDZ we found a peer that fully understands who we are.
Isabelle Verschuren | Federal Public Service Policy and Support (BOSA), CAF correspondent of Belgium
In the last years Belgium has planned and organised many different CAF activities (e.g. CAF training, Certification of CAF label) together with KDZ.
Josep Medrano | Director of Strategic Planning and Taxation, City of Barcelona
For the City of Barcelona, the collaboration with KDZ through the European "Cities for Sustainable Public Finances (CSPF)" has reached a qualitative advance.


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